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The PERFECT ANSWER for today's Gardeners


Succulents with their ever changing leaf & flower
colors, different textures etc., require little or nowater.
Practically chemical and maintenance free

Great for gardeners with mobile gardens.  i.e: People
that rent, Caravaner's, or people that move regularly
because of their jobs. Succulents love pots for a great
display on a Veranda, around Pool areas, or inside
on a window sill. Take your collection from place to
place.Succulent plants grow everywhere.
Minimum fuss, 
flourish with little care and grow in small containers with little soil. 

We operate a small Cottage Business specializing in Water-Wise Succulent
Plants and we offer a quick turn-around service, securely packed.

Note that succulents require a minimum 4 day drying off time before planting
so they are ideal to transport using the Australia Post Parcel service and arrive
ready for you plant.


"All Different" Cuttings Packs We supply the BEST Quality at the BEST Price

A small collage of the 100's of
varieties available... Note that most
cuttings will be without flowers
or roots.

These do not necessarily portray the
actual cuttings you may receive, only
a guide to future possibilities in your

Our packs contain "all different"
varieties + Bulk Mixtures for those
that want more than one cutting
of each variety

Succulents are very easy to strike
and grow, it's not necessary to fuss
too much. What you will receive are
fresh plant cuttings and/or offsets...
not plants in pots.  

Due to quarantine restrictions we currently cannot supply to Western Australia,
Tasmania or Overseas customers

These packs contains many of our favorites with some scarce varieties in the larger packs.
They are fast growing and will tolerate sunny or shady conditions. Drought resistant, but they
will certainly thrive when given a little extra care and attention. Note: You may receive plants
that appear identical: These will either be extra bonus plants or plants that have different
coloured flowers or leaves over different seasons e.g. some green leaves turn deep red in
winter others are green in winter and turn reddish brown in summer etc.

We supply good quality cuttings/offsets at a low cost, grown in our own garden.
Great for garden borders, around paths, fish ponds or in rockeries etc, also
groundcovers to saturate large areas with color.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries: Go to our contact page for
full details of Phone, email and address